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Other Hunts

Black Bear (Statewide)

Black bear hunting can be done over the counter with a near 100% success rate. No other state offers more color phase bears per-capita than Arizona! Hunts are conducted with dogs "rig" style or from mules or horses in August, September, October and occasionally in November. These hunts book up fast!

Desert or Rocky Mountain Sheep (Statewide)

A sheep hunt is a once-in-a lifetime draw in Arizona (per species). Included in the price of this hunt is no less than three guides and a cook in your camp. You will be provided many field photos of rams you will be hunting during the fall leading up to your hunt. Most sheep hunts take place during December in gorgeous weather. Long shots are not uncommon and many hunters will opt for mules on this hunt. Hunters should be prepared to hunt at least 8 days for a trophy ram.

Javelina (Statewide)

Javelina hunting in Arizona is simply put a fun hunt. These hunts take place in January for archers and in February for everyone else. The weather in Arizona this time of year is gorgeous and you are in for a real treat when hunting these animals. Hunts are conducted by spot and stalk and calling. Because of their poor eyesight, hunters can get very close if the wind is right. As such, they are perfect animals for bow hunting or novice cameramen. These animals are wild and live in moderate terrain. This is very much a fair chase hunt on public land. You will earn your “pig”! Harvest rates are typically 90% or more.

Predator Safaris & Small Game (Statewide)

Day hunts for lion, bobcat, fox, coyote, squirrel, quail and more can be accommodated. Inquire within.

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