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Coues Deer Hunts

Coues Deer (Statewide)

We are extremely passionate about hunting Coues deer and we are regarded by our many of our clients and peers as the premier Coues deer outfitter in the world. Be sure to watch the Coues deer episode under the TV/Video link. As far as we can tell, no other outfitter guides more Coues deer hunters in Arizona. A Coues deer (properly pronounced cows, after Elliot Coues) hunt is often regarded as the “poor man’s sheep hunt” and is truly one of the most unique hunts on the planet.  Rifle hunts take place in October, November and December. Archery hunts take place in Aug-Sept and Dec-Jan. Hunts can be booked for 5 or 7 days for both 1:1 on 2:1 hunters. Opportunity rates are always 100% with harvest rates over 90% on this hunt.

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